Yawanawa Forca Feminina

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You will notice that this extraordinary hapé has profoundly floral tones.


Nawashahu is the name of this powerful feminine hapé from the Yawanawa tribe, named after the woman who made it. This beautiful hapè is also known as “Força Feminina”. Nawashahu is one of the daughters of Biraci and Putany. Her father, Biraci is chief of the Yawanawà people, and her mother is the first female that was initiated into the Yawanawà spiritual tradition. Nawa is an amazing composer, channel and singer of medicine songs and melodies within the ceremonies of the tribe and has been one of the noticeably few women who make their very own hapé. She follows the essential basic Yawanawà recipe of Tobacco and cinders made from burning the bark of the Tsunu tree.

Historically, the Yawanawa tribe received Hapé soon after a famous healer of their tribe died. The tribe believes that this sacrament arose to cure diseases of the mind, psyche, and body, by enhancing the connection with one’s spirit. Their hapé tradition is very old, and in earlier times, only the medicine man of the tribe – the pajeh – was allowed to take Hapé and connect with the forest spirits.

Nowadays, all tribe members can take Hapé freely and for certain ceremonies and rites. The Hapé of the Yawanawa tribe is called in their language “Rume” and mostly contains ash of the bark of the Txunú tree and a strong plant that resembles Mapacho (Nicotiana rustica), making it a special and very unique Hapé blend. The txunú tree bark is often used for healing and curing purposes in Amazonian tribes and has a supportive role during ayahuasca ceremonies.

Ingredients: Moi ash, Tsunu ash

Weight 5 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 cm

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