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Yawanawa Hapé is a powerful and beautiful Hapé with a feminine energy. ThisHapé is great for connecting more with feminine energy, deep healing, and cleansing but also re-aligning your whole being.

Use for a more intense meditation, purging and energetic releasing, grounding, connecting to your energy system and chakras.

On the most immediate level, the use of hapé is followed by a feeling of clarity in the head and the nasal cavities. Other alleged benefits ascribed to Hapé are significantly more dramatic. hapé use “helps to re-align and open all your chakras, improves your grounding, releases any sickness on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.”

Hapé (pronounced ha-peh or ra-peh) is the general name given to medicines that are ground into fine powder and then blown into both nostrils. It helps to re-align your chakras and open your nadis, strengthen your grounding and connection with Mother Earth, releases toxins in the physical body, quietens the noise of the mind and elevates your sense of connection to Spirit

Traditionally, Hapé is blown through each nostril using a V-shaped pipe made from bamboo or bone. Once an intention is set, the one receiving the medicine inhales, holds and then receives the Hapé through the left nostril, representing a metaphorical death. The hapé is then administered in the same way to the right side, representing rebirth.

This Hapé is from the Yawanawa tribe and is made of tobacco and the ashes of a tree known as tsunú, which is one of the most used trees for treating ailments in many Amazonian tribes. It’s offered and recommended during Ayahuasca ceremonies at various times. It can be very beneficial and supportive before drinking ayahuasca to open you for the medicine or later in the ceremony if you are experiencing a very “heavy in the body or mind” type of journey. Often the rHapé will trigger a purge which will open your body and enable the medicine to continue opening you to the higher realms.

Historically, the Yawanawa tribe received Hapé soon after a famous healer of their tribe died. The tribe believes that this sacrament arose to cure diseases of the mind, psyche, and body, by enhancing the connection with one’s spirit and enabling them to travel without their physical bodies. Their hapé tradition is very old, and in earlier times, only the medicine man of the tribe – the pajeh – was allowed to takeHapé and connect with the forest spirits.

Nowadays, all tribe members can take Hapé freely and for certain ceremonies and rites. TheHapé of the Yawanawa tribe is called in their language “Rume” and mostly contains ash of the bark of the Txunú tree and a strong tobacco that resembles mapacho (Nicotiana rustica), making it a special and very unique Hapé blend. The txunú tree bark is often used for healing and curing purposes in Amazonian tribes and has a supportive role during ayahuasca ceremonies.

Doesn’t include the pipe.

Weight 5 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 cm

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