Yawanawa Tsunu Hapé

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When it comes to Rapé, Yawanawa Tsunu is a best seller. Yawanawa Tsunu Rapé is a unique blend of Tsunu bark ashes and artisanal Corda plant that is sure to wow.
This blend has a distinct female energy that balances and opens the chakras. It aids in the elimination of all blocked energy in your body. Tsunu is one of the key ingredients and is well-known for being a medicinal herb.
Tsunu aromatic ashes have a therapeutic effect on the energy body.
Furthermore, Tsunu hapé has the ability to work intensively on an emotional level. The crown chakra, the third eye, the thymus, and the heart are all opened. This blend also purifies the pineal gland and sinuses while focusing on the higher chakras.
Yawanawa Tsunu Rapé is sure to provide a plethora of delightful advantages to both your body and soul. To deal with physical exhaustion, draw on your spiritual strength and cleanse your energy.


The Yawanawa possesses a deep connection with the healing plants of the Amazon, the most biodiverse region on the planet, and a cosmovision harmony with the natural cycles of life. After nearly a century of domination and oppression, the Yawanawa reconquered their land and their freedom, reclaiming their ancestral culture and spirituality.

This ancient wisdom from the Amazon has recently been opened to the Western world, changing the lives of many who have had the privilege to connect with them.

Ingredients: Tsunu Tree Ash, Corda

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