Ritual Oils: Moringa Oil Infused with Blue Lotus Flower

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Known as the ‘Miracle Tree’, Moringa Oleifera is one of the most potent superfoods on earth. It contains over 46 Antioxidants, 92 Nutrients, 36 Anti-Inflammatory Compounds, and over 20 Amino Acids.

Moringa Oil is extracted by cold-pressing Moringa seeds to produce a light, non-greasy, sweet-smelling golden oil that absorbs beautifully into all 7 layers of the skin.

Some of the components found in Moringa Oil include:

  • ●  Vitamin A
  • ●  B-vitamins
  • ●  Vitamin C
  • ●  Vitamin E
  • ●  Omega – 9 fatty acid
  • ●  Behenic acid
  • ●  Amino acids and much more


Suitable for all skin types, Moringa Oil is one of the most exotic and highly searched for oils on earth.

Not only is it beneficial to treat rough, dry skin conditions like dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis, Moringa oil contains powerful antioxidants & nutrients to help fight free radical damage that can cause skin tissue damage and lead to the formation of wrinkles.

Some additional properties of Moringa Oil include:

  • ●  Antibacterial properties to help eradicate acne, fight blackheads and reduce dark spots.

  • ●  Antiseptic properties to treat minor skin abrasions, cuts and scrapes, bruises, burns, insect bites, rashes, sunburn, and skin infections

  • ●  Hair moisturising properties that help clean and strengthen hair to fight dandruff and split ends


Depicted in the hieroglyphs and revered by Ancient Egyptians for thousands of years for its unique healing properties, the Blue Lotus flower was Goddess Hathor’s sacred flower representing her powers of magic, fertility & regeneration.

The Ancient Egyptians believed the scent of the Blue Lotus had a divine origin and it was used in rituals, ceremonies, cosmetics, medicine & scented ointments.

A natural aphrodisiac, the Blue Lotus has an intoxicating aroma that provides a mild sense of tranquility & euphoria, along with a heightened sense of awareness.

Blue Lotus is used to help relax the nervous system to bring in a unifying, calming & centered feel that lifts the mood to clear away tensed feelings.

Infused with Moringa Oil, it’s a powerful combination.


Ritual Oils are developed for people of all ages and genders. Versatile and used for various applications, Ritual Oils easily incorporate into any self-care routine.

Drop into yourself and use Ritual Oils daily as a:

  • ●  Anti-aging face oil and eye serum
  • ●  Relief from dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis
  • ●  Excellent moisturiser for all skin types
  • ●  Anti-acne skin treatment
  • ●  A wonderful oil for massage
  • ●  Tattoo aftercare oil
  • ●  Beard ointment
  • ●  Hair tonic for healthy scalp & shiny hair
  • ●  A soft aftershave that’s perfect for sensitive skin
  • ●  Relief from sunburn irritation
  • ●  Nail & Cuticle treatment
  • ●  Cold weather and dry skin conditioner


Our favourite ritual involves giving thanks to Mother Earth for providing us with such love and abundance. For without her we simply wouldn’t exist. She creates oxygen for us to breathe, water for us to drink and food for us to eat. That’s why we feel it’s important to give back by planting a tree for every single bottle of Ritual Oils purchased.

The ‘Miracle Tree’ is used to treat malnutrition across parts of Africa and Asia. Ritual Oils in conjunction with Tree-Nation will plant thousands of trees each year to offset CO2 emissions, combat malnutrition and contribute to the water purification within the African region. Each bottle purchased contributes a Moringa Oleifera tree to the program. This is just a small way we give back to the land that gives us so much.

For more information visit: Tree-Nation


Weight 250 g
Dimensions 20 × 19 × 20 cm

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