Pyrite and Snowflake Obsidian Ayahuasca Necklace

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Pyrite, with its beautiful colours and profound defensive powers, illustrates that not all that gleams is gold. Pyrite derives its name from the Greek word Pyr, which means “fire” – possibly a reflection of how light catches on the stone’s surface, or perhaps a tribute to the stone’s powerful masculine energy and sense of pure passion.

Pyrite, despite its illustrious name, is an iron sulfide-rich earth stone found in Namibia’s remote reaches, Peru’s mystical heartlands, Spain and Mexico’s beautiful highlands, and Canada’s cold distances. Pyrite is a lovely stone with tones of mild brass or a deeper gold colour that holds its own when it comes to a sparkling metallic shine.

It’s one of the rare healing gems that can also create sparks, as its name suggests. If struck hard enough, it resembles Marcasite in appearance and feel. Pyrite has earned the moniker Fools Gold because of its uncanny resemblance to the precious metal. Pyrite, on the other hand, is far from silly, and anyone who keeps it close to their heart will see a boost in their personal abilities.

Pyrite is, at its core, a protective stone. It’s a stone that wishes to shield and protect the person who wears it in every way it can. Pyrite is always ready to keep you pure, whether it’s keeping you safe from emotional vamps or shielding you from psychic attacks, cutting through negative vibrations, removing EMF smog, or simply halting those toxic thought patterns from racing through your head.

When we are able to break free from those harmful attachments, life loses its masks and we are able to see right through to the truth and live in glorious sincerity.

Crystal Length – Approx 4cm
Crystal Width – Approx  2.5cm
Ayahuasca – Approx 1.5cm

Fully adjustable to fit all sizes 33- 47cm


Snowflake Obsidian is a volcanic glass that comes from the microscopic white mineral inclusions, cristobalite, that form snowflake-like patterns in the dark stone. It’s a smooth stone that’s frequently polished into small gems and beads before being fashioned into bracelets and pendants. Small figurines and sculptures can also be carved out of the hard stone.

Snowflake Obsidian purifies and grounds the body, spirit, and aura, according to legend. It helps to centre and focus attention, which is particularly effective in chaotic or stressful situations. Obsidian’s black and snowflakes’ white signify the balancing of dark and light, and this stone is recognised for bringing equilibrium between two opposed sides.

The stone represents a variety of dualities. It encourages you to look on the bright side and reminds you that there is always light within oneself, even when things are difficult.

It helps you look deep and discover the inner strength to overcome whatever hurdle is in your way when you meditate. It protects both your space and your aura, so it’s good for keeping your environment quiet and balanced, as well as sheltering you from the negative energy of a toxic coworker or family member that you can’t avoid.

Crystal Length – Approx 3cm
Crystal Width – Approx  3cm
Ayahuasca – Approx 1.5cm

Fully adjustable to fit all sizes 33- 47cm

This item is completely handmade by a family of the Shipibo-Conibo tribe in the Amazon jungle of Peru. All items are always of high-quality and completely unique. We are committed to giving more than a fair trade price for each item made. This is a great way for us all to support the indigenous communities of the world whilst providing a way for tribes to hold onto their traditions.

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Pyrite, Snowflake Obsidian

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