Palo Santo (From Floracopeia Conservation Project)


Palo Santo trees have been seriously over-exploited in South America, especially in Ecuador. In many parts of the country where the trees once grew abundantly, the populations are now decimated, deforested for use as incense, medicine, fuel, or for making aromatic boxes. The preservation of the last remaining forests of this precious tree is critical, Palo Santo is endangered.

We buy our Palo Santo from conservation project in Ecuador, Floracopeia.

Floracopeia have been involved in the careful ecological harvesting of deadwood in this park for over six years. Only the branches and trunks that have fallen naturally are gathered; there is no cutting of any live trees. The harvesters are careful to not damage the areas surrounding the trees and do not create any new footpaths or roads. There is no waste of the harvested wood, with every piece being either distilled or used as medicine or incense.

Although the Palo Santo trees in the Machalilla Park are protected by Ecuadorian laws and sustainably managed by our distiller, they are still threatened.

Recently, an enterprise in Quito attempted to gain rights from the Ecuadorian government to harvest all the trees of the park, which would have destroyed the forest for future generations. As a result of efforts by our distiller, this contract was cancelled and the government is now investigating the sustainable harvesting of Palo Santo and distillation of the oil as a specialty product that can bring employment to the local villages of the coastal region.

Over the past several years Floracopeia has done extensive research into the propagation and cultivation of Palo Santo trees and is now able to propagate saplings and save young trees from areas that are being deforested for development.

By purchasing Floracopeia Palo Santo you are directly supporting the reforestation

5 sticks

Weight 25 g
Dimensions 10.5 × 1 × 1 cm

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