Organic Cabuya Handbag | Fair Trade | Eco

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Our artisan-made bags are made from asociación of indigenous women from the Intag valley in Ecuador. Approximately 17,000 people live in Intag in communities that are sparsely scattered among cloud forest and agricultural lands.

The bags are made from Cabuya and dyed with plants. They are completely organic and only natural dyes used.

Cabuya is a really tough material made from the agave plant.

Cabuya is an evergreen perennial plant forming a rosette of sword-like leaves about 50cm long with a flowering stem up to 2 metres tall.

The plant is often harvested from the wild as a source of fibre for local use and for trade. It is cultivated for its fibre in Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, and Ecuador.

It is a very tough material which means the bags are not going to fall apart. The quality is outstanding.

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 33 × 27 × 2 cm

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