Nukini Jaguar Hapé

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Nukini Jaguar Hapé is made by members of the Nukini tribe in Brazil. This is a very powerful hapé with a masculine energy and is nicknamed the ‘warrior king’.

The energies of this hapé is elegant but strong and smooth. This hapé powerfully assists with deep cleansing and grounding, whilst helping to release entities and attachments, negative thought forms, sickness and trapped energies within the body and energy field.

Nukini Jaguar is great for clearing out any stresses that you may have accumulated in the body through the day, especially if you are around toxic environments.


The Nukini are known as Jaguar people. They are located in Acre, in the far southwest of the Brazilian Amazon region and form part of the group of Pano-speaking peoples that inhabit the Juruá valley region. The tribe have has over 750 members including men, women and children.

The Nukini tribe  were able to survive being totally wiped out after latex industry massacre. They are mixing with other ethnic groups and tribes and have now rebuilt a strong socio-economic structure that facilitates their strong connection to nature.

Available in 5g, 10g and 20g refill pouches.


5g, 10g, 20g

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