Nukini Cetico Wild Mint

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This hapé a beautifully aromatic relaxing and calming. It is an aromatic blend with connotations that are magnificently uplifting, opening, and grounding.

The Cecropia membranasea or commonly referred to as Cetico in Brazil makes up the base for this formulation. The plant matter used is rendered into a fine and pure white ash where other plants are then added into it.  A wild mint that grows in the Amazon is added to this formula that inspires its delicate aroma and brings to the formula a wonderful feeling of stillness.

Mapacho is also the main ingredient in this formula. It is known for its ability to clear heavy and dense energy from the energetic field, negative and cyclical thought patterns, and emotions that are arising to be cleansed and cleared from the heart. It helps to restore balance and clarity in the body, mind, and spirit.

Ingredients: Cetico (Wild Mint), Moi

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