Kanamari Jaguar Tree Macambo White Cacao

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Strength – Medium

Kanamari Jaguar Tree Hapé is a relaxing blend. The Kanamari’s say that Macambo can bring delightful dreams, and they use this hapé when meaningful passion, enthusiasm, and motivation is needed.

One of the main plants this heart-opening blend contains is Macambo.

Macambo is also referred to as Jaguar tree in the Amazonian jungle. It is a cousin of the commercial cocoa we know.

This wonderful hapé is made by an elder female paje, she prepares the hapé using the outer shell of the cacao fruit.

The Kanamari Tribe:

The Kanamari (related to Katukina) tribe lives in the lower Amazon region of Peru and Brazil deep inside the Amazon Rainforest. There are currently an estimated 2,800 Kanamari Indians in Brazil. The Kanamari people possess a deep and rich heritage that has lasted for generations. They are located within the amazon jungles away from the influences of settlers. They refer to themselves as Canamari or Tukuna, which means people. The Kanamari people are also known for their natural healing methods, or curanderos, as well as the facial tattoos of the older generations. The Kanamari people believe they were created by Tamakori, who first created them and then later left and created the whites.

Ingredients: Macambo ((Theobroma bicolor), Moi

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