Hapé Necklace with FREE Katukina Cacao Hapé


This is a unisex necklace containing 1g of Katukina Cacao hapé absolutely free. The pendants are able to be refilled with more hapé once it’s empty, or you can add in whatever you choose.


Intensity: Strong

Katukina Cacao hapé is a very strong hapé made from a combination of jungle plants such as Corda and Cocoa Husk ashes. This produces a highly fragrant hapé which is energising and invigorating.

The energy centre seems to be filled with tingling and rushing sensations right down the arms and into the fingers, which gradually goes away after a few minutes.

Katukina Cacao is a very beautiful experience that is suitable for both novices and experienced users.  An excellent combination for demanding days when high energy levels are required to preserve balance. Greater serving sizes may cause purging. Smaller dosages produce a light stimulation and lift.

The pendant is on a simple piece of necklace rope which is approx 43cm in length.


Necklace Length 43cm

Pendant Length 3.5cm

Pendant width 1.5cm

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 8 × 5.5 × 3.5 cm

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