Hand-carved Noya Roa Pendant


What is Noya Rao?
Noya Rao means “Flying Medicine”. It is known as the flying tree or in Spanish “Palo Valador.”
In the Shipibo tradition, this is the pinnacle of master plants and the plant spirit is second only to God. I was told a story by one of my teachers Don Enrique. A long time ago there was a Shipibo community near Pucallpa, that lived around a Noya Rao tree. One day, as happens in the Amazon, the rivers began to flood and the community was trapped. The Noya Rao tree, aware of the ultimate demise, began to uproot itself carrying all the land, huts, and people with it, and flew them to all safety or possibly another dimension.

The Enlightened Tree.
In the Shipibo tradition, medicinal plants have spirits. Some plant’s spirits are good and some bad but most contain both. Noya Rao is all good, all light, all love. A divine feminine. The tree is the physical embodiment of an enlightened being. She has shown me in my visions that the same way a human can become enlightened like Buddha or Christ, so can a tree become Noya Roa. The more that we work with her and spread the love and light, the more she will appear as a physical tree, giving more people the opportunity to diet her and use her wood for pipes and medicine. She is the queen in the world of plant spirits. Noya Rao is known for helping those who diet her find their life purpose, their highest path. She is helping humanity transcend. That is what I found and I am continuing to discover.

It was believed this tree only existed in antiquity and some believe it was only a myth. Noya Rao does exist and in the physical realm and there are specimens surrounding the land of its keepers Don Enrique and his brother Don Ronor.

The necklace in the image may not be the one exact one you receive. The crystals may slightly vary in colour as they are all unique.



Weight 50 g
Dimensions 80 × 40 × 10 cm

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