Frida Kahlo Hoodies | Medium


The hoodies are made with love from a Mexican lady who is also a traditional Huipul dressmaker (See below)

Frida Kahlo is a Mexican painter well renowned for her unflinching and beautifully coloured self-portraits that explore subjects like identity, the human body, and mortality. Despite her denials, she is frequently referred to as a Surrealist. She explained, “They believed I was a Surrealist, but I wasn’t.” “I’ve never sketched a dream before. “I drew my own picture of reality.”

Kahlo was gravely injured in a bus accident in 1925, and she had to undergo more than 30 surgical operations over the course of her life. During her long rehabilitation, Kahlo taught herself to paint and read a lot, focusing on the Old Masters’ art.

Kahlo’s use of brilliant colours and dramatic symbolism reflects her significant influence on indigenous Mexican culture. She frequently used the monkey as a symbol. Monkeys are emblems of passion in Mexican folklore, but Kahlo depicted them as loving and protecting images. Her work frequently depicts Christian and Jewish themes. She blended aspects of traditional religious Mexican art with surrealism depictions.


The fit is for Medium but looks great on small people too.

Chest (under arms) 112cm

Back (From centre of the back top to bottom) 67cm

Arms 62cm


My name is Karla, although currently, they name me jade. I was born in Mexico City, on February 13, 79, of a Veracruz father, that is where my love for traditional Mexican music comes from and specifically son Jarocho, lover of the traditions and culture of my country, psychologist by vocation, and dream designer by choice, natural entrepreneur. I imagine everything that seems impossible and I turn it into dresses, free-spirited dancer, the freedom that allows imagining and roots dreams, I was born In a country rich in culture, I admire, dance, and sing to my ancestors, my lineage, of Chichimeca blood, in tradition my name is Tzotzi, a name that came down from the sun to name me the Gentile, commune with ancestral medicine and receive the warmth of a temazcal are the doors through which I have found the dialogue with my spiritual self, my motto is we are what we give and we give what we are, infinitely grateful for the guidance that the great spirit provides me, I only pretend leave at least flowers as my lord NEZAHUALCÓYOTL said, I am the face of ZITRONELA MARTINIANA a dream I had and I whisper in my ear to dream big, I create dresses with jade imagination, to put colors on all beautiful women.

Weight 350 g
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 8 cm

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