Blue Sage (Grandmother Sage) and Juniper



Blue Sage, or “Grandmother Sage,” is a cleansing herb with a wide range of medicinal and mystical applications. Blue Sage is commonly used for cleansing and purification purposes, offers spiritual power and is sometimes used to remove malevolent spirits during exorcism rituals as well.

Blue Sage is a hardy plant found in the Southwest deserts. It is given the name because of its plentiful blue flowers, but there is also a blue-ish cast on the leaves. It has slender leaves and a scent comparable to Lavender, which is both herbaceous and floral.

To heal and cleanse rituals, Blue Sage is also a close relative of White Sage. With its gentle, relaxing odour, or simply burned for enjoyment, it can be used to assist meditation. It’s not quite as pungent as White Sage, and some people who find White Sage overwhelming the powerful, the scent of Blue Sage can be much more pleasing.

In Native American history, the use of sage to clean a home is profoundly rooted. They used sage to remove negative energy as well as in ritual ceremonies for many purposes, including healing, energy cleansing. Historically, individuals of medicine used sage cleansing to take them back from the negative space where their soul and body lived at that stage. Native Americans today use it for those who seek equilibrium and pure ideas in sage purification ceremonies.

Smudge whenever you need to rebalance your mental body (self-destructive / limiting thinking patterns) or emotional body (sadness, fear, rage and depression), or when you want to let go of / reshape any negative energy that is not helping you achieve your highest joy and affecting you or your environment.


The juniper bush can be found growing in numerous parts of the Northern Hemisphere. On average, it’s four to six feet high and tends to grow in limestone soil. Juniper was valued by civilizations past as well as present indigenous cultures as a protective agent which banishes things injurious to one’s health. When burned as an incense, it helps release positive properties into the air that serve to protect and purify.

Many cultures use Juniper to create a safe and sacred environment and ward off negative influences. Native Americans use juniper leaves during sweat lodge ceremonies, where they were added to the hot rocks to release their delicate scent. The leaves were also used during many ceremonies to rid the area of any negativity and bring forth a positive and healing air.

As an incense, it can be used by anyone wanting to create a peaceful and secure environment for meditation or healing, or merely for its distinctive aroma.

Smudging Purposes

  • Balancing / uplifting / self-empowerment
  • Cleansing / protection.
  • Attracting you positive energies.
  • Leaving adverse energies behind.
  • For creating positive power and enhancement.
  • Healing spaces and manifestations.

Size: Approximately 6.5 inches in length (170 cms)

Origin: Grand Mesa, Colorado

Weight25 g
Dimensions17.5 × 3 × 3 cm

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