Blue, Red with Navy Tassels Quexquemetl Poncho


NOTE: There may be slight differences in the colour in some areas of the garment, but the main colour of the poncho is the same. The green tassels are slightly darker in real life, we couldn’t capture the true colour on camera.

These stunning ponchos are known locally as quexquemetl in Mexico where they are made. We buy them from local communities stretched between Chiapas and Guatemala.

The quexquémitl is worked mainly with fabrics woven on a backstrap loom, following the ancient techniques of the Mesoamerican peoples.

The quexquémitl’s are made from high-quality Alpaca wool. They are hooded and also feature a button fastener on the neckline so the hood doesn’t drop down.

I have had mine for 3 years and wear it all the time, it’s still in excellent condition!

They are very good quality and soft to touch, they are very warm and cosy! Ideal for colder nights, ceremony and day to day wear.

We have many different colour options available!

Weight 450 g
Dimensions 39 × 30 × 10 cm

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