Azeztulite Wire Wrap


Azeztulite has a vibration that is powerful within the third eye, and most people can feel it when it is used at this point. Many people have found they see glimpses of the future, spontaneously, when it is used at the third eye. Its vibration then goes up into the higher chakras, to the crown chakra and into the soul star chakra and higher transpersonal chakras. This movement of energy is like a surge of electricity through the body and can be felt very clearly. The energy of this stone is quite strong, and it is said to be able to stimulate the kundalini to rise up the spine. Awakening the kundalini can be a strong spiritual experience, so be aware that this stone is known to have potent abilities to stimulate your energy centers.

This necklace comes in a black velvet pouch.

Necklace length approx 18cm – 20cm

This item is completely handmade by a family of the Shipibo-Conibo tribe in the Amazon jungle of Peru. All items are always of a high quality and completely unique. I am committed to giving more than a fair trade price for each item made. This is a great way for us all to support the indigenous communities of the world whilst providing a way for tribes to hold onto their traditions.

Weight25 g
Dimensions11 × 5 × 2 cm

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