Ayahuasca Bloodwood Kuripe


Beautifully handcrafted Ayahuasca kuripes for self-administering rapé. Due to the handmade nature, the kuripes may vary slightly.

Hand crafted by a Shipibo artisan, all of the pipes have a piece of Ayahuasca on the bottom, so you will administer your hapé alongside the energy of this sacred teacher plant. The kuripes have a small piece of Malachite in the centre.

Huayruro macho (Ormosia amazonica) are traditionally used to promote good health and bring good luck.

Huayruro Seeds (ormosia coccinea) grow in the Amazon jungle and Central America. It is used in Rituals and ceremonies since before the Inkan times by the Chachapoyas people. They were also used for amulets, good luck, good wealth and to keep negative energies and entities away.

Huayruro Seeds are used to clear ‘susto’. Susto is when someone feels fear or shock because of strong negative energies and entities. The can protect from the ‘evil eye’ which is thought of as a spell placed on young children, and also used to protect against any envy towards you,

One of the most common ways are used is in jewelry, ornaments, and in mesa cloths.

Legend has it that the “Colla” a Real Inkan wife had suffered from a strange illnes, described as a deep depression of the soul, for which Incan doctors suggested that she wore a necklace made from the huayruros.


The Shipibo are one of 14 indigenous tribes living in the Amazon Basin in Peru. They are shamanic based people, deeply influenced by the power of the plants, animals and natural elements.

A unique aspect of the Shipibo culture is their woven song tradition.

The Shipibo record their icaros or healing songs in elaborate geometrical designs that function as a musical score and correlate and interact with the natural world. They see the patterns in the natural world and are able to reproduce them for protection, healing, abundance, harmony and a variety of other purposes.

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 cm

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