Adaptogens – Paula Grainger (Octopus Books)

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Increasing numbers of people are suffering from stress, anxiety, and fatigues caused by lack of sleep, digital overload and our 24/7 lifestyle. In Adaptogens, Medical Herbalist Paula Grainger provides an answer to these modern-day afflictions by introducing us to the group of powerful herbal ingredients known as adaptogens.

Adaptogens, such as turmeric, ginseng, goji berry, liquorice, maca, Rhodiola, rosemary, sage, and ashwagandha, have been scientifically proven to lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol and prevent adrenal imbalances that can lead to adrenal fatigue and “burn out”.

Delve into the history and science of these miraculous plants and learn how to maximise wellness using the most easy-to-source adaptogens, incorporating them into your life via delicious smoothies, energy bites and desserts, invigorating teas and tonics, and wonderful beauty elixirs.

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